Welcome to the web site of SEA –
Specialization for European Teachers of Basic Skills for Adults.

SEA is a Learning Partnership within the Grundtvig / LLP programme that brings together European researchers, teacher training institutions and education providers of basic skills training for adults.

The partnership aims primarily at establishing a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge and experience regarding the professional development for teachers and trainers in basic skills, and it addresses both trained teachers and volunteers.

The quality of education is strongly dependent on the quality of the teacher and therefore the training of professionals and volunteers working in the field of adult education should also respond to high standards of quality. One of the major objectives for SEA is to improve the delivery of basic skills courses for adults through adequately trained teachers. The main outcome of the project partnership will be a list of criteria and recommendations for further development of quality curriculums, methods and training for basic skills teachers. The project is also expected to give concrete input to the workshops organized within the EBSN Academy (see http://www.basicskills.eu)

The partnership will be contributing to national and European policy through the project’s cooperation with the European Basic Skills Network, EBSN.

The work will take place in and between a series of six international seminars.

Project period: October 2013 – May 2015.

The outcome of the project will be disseminated through national networks and channels as well as through cooperation with the EBSN.

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