AcefirACEFIR, Catalan Association for Education, Training and Research, is an organization of social initiative that brings together a team of professionals from various disciplines with the common interest of working for education, training and research in field of youth, adults and elder people. ACEFIR is part of the Catalan Projection International Organizations of the Department of the Vice President of the Generalitat of Catalonia. ACEFIR is member of the European Association for Education of Adults (EAEA).

The ACEFIR program consists mainly of activities and projects within the fields of education, training and research.


  • to develop activities for youth, adults and elder people in the fields of education, training and research.
  • to make institutions, media and society in general sensitive about the importance of education and training throughout life.
  • to promote international cooperation between countries and cultures.
  • to provide support and advice to other organizations working in the same fields.
  • to collaborate with other institutions in developing activities for International Years sponsored by the United Nations and for years promoted by the European Commission.

Of special relevance to this project: One of ACEFIR objectives is the field of literacy and basic skills. Especially inthe area of training trainers and the publication of materials for literacy of newcommers to the country. ACEFIR assesses people responsible for adult education in townhalls, voluntary institutions like Caritas who work directaly with illiterate people. Also, takes part at international level in the EBSN network and in the annual literacy conference organized by Frankfurt Book Fair (LitCam). And works with Google on literacy matters.

Every year ACEFIR organise a seminar about training of trainers for literacy. Our experience has shown us that our literacy trainers need specific training and in order to be able to promote this we nned to know what is happening in the other countries and watch at the possibily of establishing common teaching methods through the network EBSN.

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