DIEDeutsches Institut für Erwachsenenbildung Leibniz-Zentrum für Lebenslanges Lernen e.V. – DIE – belongs to the Leibniz Association, the non-profit organisation is funded by the Federal and State government, started 1957 and developed to a registered association with 20 member associations and organisations from the field of continuing education research and practice. The DIE is the central institute for the fields of research and practice in the area of continuing education in Germany. It´s Centre for Research and Development includes the Programme (department) “Social Inclusion /Community Education in Social Spaces“.

Objective: Research of specific requirements and factors, which are impeding the participation of particular social groups in continuing education. The mentioned Programme focuses on projects in the field of literacy and basic skills. An additional core topic is the analysis of the participation in and relevance of continuing education for certain population groups (immigrants, low-skilled and long-term unemployed, illiterates, elderly and men). Thus, the programme develops relevant parameters for the reflection, validation and concept of a continuing education with a commitment to both “Inclusion“ as well as the social right to education.

The approach “Community Education in Social Spaces“ is based on the social environment of those endangered by social exclusion. It examines the need for knowledge and the local learning resources appropriable to stabilize, improve and organize the living conditions within the social space through the residents’ concerted actions as well as the need to achieve individual learning success and thus encourage social inclusion.
DIE has long experience in research at national, European and international level. They were responsible for the creation of European Master of adult education. They have expertise in teacher training and in curricula for basic skills in different learning arenas. DIE will be responsible for hosting a project meeting and for dissemination in Germany and through EBSN.

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